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You cannot believe in God, until you believe in yourself. ~ Swami Vivekananda

This was a quote I found on Google in search of a Hindi quote, whilst helping a 11 year old boy with his project for Hindi Diwas. 


This quote to say the least, only reminded me of all the blessings I have received from Him.


What does it mean to love yourself? 

Back in Class V, we were asked by the teacher “Do you love yourself and why?”

A whole lot of answers poured out from us students, like “Yes because I study, or help my Mama and No because my Dada says I give a lot of trouble and so on.”


But there was this one answer, given by my classmate Ian, which stayed with  me “Yes I love myself, because if I don’t love myself, then I don’t love God who created me.” 


It is so important to love yourself, to be good to yourself , to your body , to look after it, to be aware that in doing so , you are just being thankful to God for giving you life.

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Do we wash ourselves clean at the end of the day , ridding all the negativity and filth or do we carry it forward into the next day?


Do we hide away from mistakes and sweep it under the carpet, clueless that we are living in denial? Or do you acknowledge those mistakes and short comings?

So yes I love myself, proud of where I am in life, happy that I’ve been blessed to make such mistakes and learn and have the courage to stand and smile. 

And He walked with me

He talked with me

He lets me know that I am His own. 

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I saw HIM

6.5 years ago in November, I started to walk!

I picked up my laptop bag, got a hold of my passport, my documents, my handbag a few valuables & I was out.

Walked down the stairs, no one was around, and so I kept walking. Finally on the main road, I wondered what next. Jumped into an auto, no money in my purse, I was on my way.

Free & safe!

The next morning I flew to Mumbai

3 years later I did a retreat. And that is where I met HIM.

During one of the healing sessions at the retreat, as I closed my eyes, an image flashed in front of me.

It was that same night of November, that I walked .. and well here’s the best part – I was not alone. I had Jesus on one side & Mama Mary on the other side both holding my hands. And here is what HE said to me “Come child, we are going home.”

I saw HIM! Holding my hand, taking me home, safe & free.

I’ve come a long way from there, but for some strange reason through these last few months this image constantly keeps coming back to me.

It’s like a reminder that HE was there then and HE is there even now and will always be there.

I asked a friend of mine to sketch this image for keeps.

Even on days when I’m not my best, this image comes back to me like a reminder that HE is there.

I been wanting to write about this for months now, since April I guess finally managed today.

I saw HIM!

Honey Soy Chicken

This dish is very close to my heart. Since I’m not the typical Roti Shabji fan, I find myself enjoying simple stirs to my meals.

So one Sunday morning during the lockdown, a week after Easter, I decided to get this dish going.

What went in for the chicken marinade : 750gms of Boneless Chicken Breasts Honey. Soya Sauce. Pounded Ginger Garlic. Salt to taste Method : Slit the Chicken breast slightly, apply the marinate mix & drizzle dried chilli flakes if you like for the spice. Leave it for a few hours in the fridge. Yes marinading it overnight makes all the difference.

When ready to cook, take a non stick pan, add oil and a dab of butter & put the marinaded chicken pieces one by one. Watch that colour.. and gets all sizzling. Turn over and pat and lay it on your serving dish.

Sides : Steamed vegetables of Beans & Cauliflower with nice firm green Capsicum cut round. Make your rice a little under cooked, and stir fry it once you’ve burnt your chopped garlic in butter. Nicely mash up pressure cooked potatoes. Go ahead & add veggies to your delight. Since it’s lockdown I’m using whatever we have.

Plate it up with a glass of wine for the adults and tang for the kids and voila you have yourself a simple meal.

I must add, hubby helped in all the cutting & my son was only to happy to mash the potatoes.

If you do try it , let me know.

Honey Soya Chicken
Lunch table
Cheers & stay safe
The marinade

Darkness hidden

⁃ a person out there cries silently into the night, pained by the mistakes of the past

⁃ Someone cried foul, but no one heard – those that pretended to care didn’t budge to help.

⁃ A young girl is molested for years but doesn’t even know it was that until years later after a roller coaster life


– Ever wondered what it is to dream a life & you wake up all sore after getting hit?

⁃ As a child , she dreamed – as a lady she lives for each day.

⁃ He told the world he quit to take a break – but the truth is he was asked to , coz he tried to fight for the truth.

⁃ He stood for integrity but politics came in the way – they are all the same

⁃ She waits to drop the baggage , hoping that when it’s all gone she’ll be whole again.

⁃ He wonders if he will ever remember that voice ?


⁃ Will she ever see him again ?

⁃ Will her heart race in fear if she ever comes face to face with the person that abused her ? 

⁃ Has he told his full story or he is scared of feeling empty or what the world might say ?

⁃ Was she or he ever hugged or ever wanted ??

⁃ His body abused , her emotions hidden

– abused relationships when small , broken concepts , healing … 

– Children of sex workers , trying to make a life .. 

Is there Forgiveness? Is there room for forgiveness? 


I think before forgiveness for others, we 1st need to forgive ourselves, be compassionate to ourselves… loving ourself … only then can we understand the other person & then have compassion.. 


Theres always room for forgiveness, though it’s not easy .., but one can try to understand, what the other person went through and hence the behaviour, maybe just maybe we can FORGIVE 

I’d like to believe that in all this darkness, there is always light .. we just have to keep our faith & search for that light.

White – peacefully

White ! Something about it. Simple, pure, clear peaceful – BEAUTIFUL

It’s got no flashy look like red or cobalt blue or deep purple – it’s got White, it’s got Elegance.

That’s why I like White flowers – my favourite are them gladiolus – pretty dainty little flowers. I’m in awe when I wake up to see a flower in bloom – radiant & so calm

And there lies my hope to be clear and calm – just like them flowers.

The DAY that is…

The alarm goes off  alarm_Clock_6am  and it’s a new day. I can hear the magpie singing to his mate as he tells her how beautiful the day is. And now the cuckoo has flown in as well. All in good harmony singing along to a bright and wonderful day with the woodpecker coming back for the seconds.


And then I smile to myself , and like a can that’s being opened, there’s a sudden gush of thoughts that flow out from my mind – the delicious emotion on getting his school snack box look interesting, wondering if today is going to be a day on flats or am I in a mood to go clippity clop in my shoes.

my mood for the day…

Will I have a busy bee day at work or will I just swing by through the day in the calmness of each moment.


A few minutes later, as I sip my coffee I’m left with a thought “what’s in a day” … and almost like an echo, comes the reply “Life is beautiful in this beautiful world”


I’d like to believe that every new born in this world is symbol of God’s love for us, and that is why we celebrate that day of a child’s birth every year. And so we have so many such days that we pick out of the calendar and make the most of it.


So if you have a special day in your heart that you’d like to celebrate – go right ahead and do it. One thing is for certain, you will “definitely add more to that day every time you celebrate it.” – TRY IT , YOU JUST MIGHT LIKE IT.


And when the sun goes down and I crawl back into my bed, after kissing my son good night, sleepingand turning to my husband with love, be it tough day or a happy one, I know this much – I lived to enjoy JUST ANOTHER DAY!


A Poem to my love

A few weeks ago….

Son : Mama why don’t you write something for you & Dada as well

Me : hmmm

Son : wow Mama you write so well , you should write one of you both.

14th Feb 2016 – is a day to remember! Flower show and the Kala Ghoda festival in the morning through lunch , followed by a lovely meeting in the evening.

And so this is what I wrote for my love as we celebrate this beautiful day.

There is a long way

That we still have to go

And well, we are taking it

Real sweet and slow

Savour each memory

That we spend together

Drifting in the joy of counting away

The blessings that GOD gives us each day.

You walked into that room

And took my breath away

And your smile…

Well it just stayed!😊

And so we met yet another day

And that’s how our journey began


As friends and as lovers we’ll stay

As husband and wife and parents we’ll pray🙏🏻

Through cuddles and hugs with our adorable son ,

It will be a whole lot of good TAG fun!

Hopping & hooting and we’ll just smile😘😊💕

Forever in DRIFT, with Blessings from above all through the while.

Love you sweetheart & Happy Anniversary as we ‘Drift’ into yet another year.

Happy Valentines Day Gerson Pratap Aranha.

The Packs 

He called us The Packs. And that just stuck. A united bunch and yet so distinguished and different in our personalities. We found common ground which was ” happiness and laughter and oh yeah a lot of food.” 

Whether it was travelling by air, or bus or train – we had so much fun. I remember this one trip to Chennai, where the meeting wound up ahead of schedule and the 2 of us just spent 2/3 hours at the train station killing time, completely drained from the hot sticky weather and yet so happy doing nothing.
One can’t forget our trips to Cochin and the night we rolled in laughter after having watched the you tube video of “the man who went to Malta” That night we were all stranded at Cochin, due to rains and well this pack was just having fun, laughing away like ‘hyenas cackling in a barn. ‘

Of course we loved tennis you see, so the man from Pallakad and myself would have these “read between the lines conversations” and we’d have one smart one standing over, head moving from left to right trying to make sense of our conversation. I’d laugh it all off saying “when 2 intelligent people are talking why interrupt” 
My oh my, there was so much joy, fun, amidst all the work and it’s daily challenges and XL sheets, endless presentations 🙄, and yes we disagreed a lot – but we still pulled together. And why not we had 33% of the Packs share being held together by one great man. 

So let’s see : we had an artistic dreamer, 2 rum barrels, 1 electrifying man, 2 men who lived on the brighter side of life on top view 😉 and then the tubelight who kept everyone alert.
It’s been 4years now & some of us have moved out of town, across the ocean to scare the cat underneath the queens chair, ones moved to sheik a bit, but I guess the bond of friendship just stood the test of time.

I’m sure we all have such groups of friends in our lives and that’s the beauty of time and friendship. 
You learn and grow and fall, you laugh, you cry , and you cherish it all.

That’s the beauty of life. 

So blessed to have this beautiful group of Packs – my friends for life. Thank you. 

Her story 

Her bare feet curled up, at the edge of the chair, she told her story. Her eyes moist, cause she knew she was still searching for answers. But her heart whispered “it’s ok – I’ve got this.”
At that moment she realised she was exactly where she wanted to be and it was all part of His plan.She thought to her self and said “hey I make a good juggler but yeah at times I get a little confused and it all falls” 

then a little voice said to her ” but then you pick it all up and start again”

And a smile cut across her face😊
She looked outside the window, all excited cause it was raining , and her heart jumped for joy.
The pakodas, chaai , little snails crawling, earthworms making their way through puddles..she knew in that instant it was going to be fine. 
This beautiful thing called LIFE caught her with outstretched arms and she looked up.. and said Thank You.